Abi Mia (Interview with KingWolf)

Updated: May 8

Wow, what an interview! Every last question answered with such spirit and passion. I hope you're ready for Abi Mia cause if you like pop music and amazing vocals this artist is the one to check out! Coming from the UK this Pop music sensation has already been featured on multiple magazines, blogs, and is recognized by many across the world. If you haven't heard her music yet than check it out right here

(New single Checking in)

Check out the interview below and make sure to share to help this talented artist out! She's got so much energy and passion it was an absolute pleasure to interview her.

Interview Q & A

When did you first start making music? What or who inspired you?

  • I wrote my first song when I was about 16 when my music teacher shared his original songs with me and I was inspired to try and write my own! It really opened me up to a whole new way to express myself and I just really enjoyed the process! He also referred me to a music studio where I had some demos made which was also fantastic to hear my songs come to life!

If you had to end every post, story, or concert with the same phrase, what would you say?

  • I am actually trying to do this more and the phrase is 'Keep singing, smiling, and working hard!

What do you enjoy the most about making music?

  • There is so much I enjoy about making music but the most important thing for me is being able to connect with other people through the messages and emotions of my songs. Music has so much power to connect people in a positive way and I love being able to facilitate this!