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Ahmed Abdurahimli

KingWolf catches up with EDM producer, Ahmed Abdurahimli

to talk about his passion for music and what’s next for

him career-wise

1. When did you first start making music? What or who inspired you?

  • I had a passion for music since childhood. I've always been interested in how music is produced. When I was 17 years old, I downloaded a DAW to my computer and started producing my own music. At the age of 20, I released my first official song, “I Want You.

2. If you had to end every post, story, or concert with the same phrase, what would you


  • “ Let the music save the world ”

3. What do you enjoy the most about making music?

  • I enjoy the this process the most. I love to find or design new sounds and using them in a different way while the creating process.

3. Is music something that helps you, if so then how?

  • Music helps me to cope with the problems which we all have in the normal daily life. I love to share my emotions with the people through the music. It helps with staying sane mentally in this world.

4. What does music mean to you?

  • Music is an indispensable part of life for me. I feel very happy and comfortable while making and listening to music. I can't imagine my life without music.

5. If you didn’t make music, what would you be doing now?

  • I think that if I wasn't producing music, I would be doing painting, which is one of the other fields of art.

6. How do you feel about the music industry of today's times? What would you change

about it?

  • Music industry now is very huge more so than it was 50 years ago. New genres are developing every 4 to 5 years. I wish that all the people who work in this field would be paid as well as they deserve. Cause people listen to 3 minutes of music but to create the music musicians are spending way too much time and energy.

7. What would you like to achieve through your music?

  • My goal is to present people with quality music. I want my music to be heard all over the world.

8. In your own words how would you describe your music and who do you think would

enjoy what you make the most?

  • I produce dance and sometimes melancholic music. It depends in which mood am I. Cause all my music is telling the story. I think people who likes dance and chill out music will enjoy it.

9. What is your artist name?

  • My name is Ahmed and my artist name is the same as my real name and surname. It's Ahmed Abdurahimli.

10. What is the name of your most recent project and what inspired it?

  • My latest project is the remix I made for the song 2 Die 4 by Tove Lo. From the moment that Tove Lo 2 "Die 4" released, I loved listening to that music and thought that I should remix this song in a different way and genre.


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