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Christopher Fernandez

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

KingWolf catches up with artist Christopher Fernandez to talk about his passion for creating art and what’s next for him career-wise.

1. How do you develop your art skills?

  • First of all, I have to like what I do, because that will drive me to do the things I want to do as an artist. I must not limit my thinking to things or materials that I can discover over time, because being a creator is endless learning. The mind needs to be open to things and events around in The social environment because that's why I take my art.

2. How has your style changed over time?

  • My style changes, maybe depending on the materials I have at that time and period. It also depends on whom I hang out with, also depending on my social environment, and my influences. It naturally changes because I still want to learn and enrich my ideas.

3. Tell me about your favorite medium/art materials.

  • I think, I never limit myself to a medium. Because I do lots of kinds of art with a multi-disciplinary approach, I love all kinds of art medium which is available.

4. Describe how art is important in our society.

  • Art is important in our society. It gives awareness, education, history, stories, affections, inspirations, perspective, and more. Maybe art is not a solution in life but art change humanity and makes us better person. Sometimes when you see an artwork you will inspire and maybe you learned and feed your soul because of the content of it.

5. How do you manage a work-life balance as an artist?

  • I think there is no excuse when you accept that you are an artist because you are creative and there is always a solution to create. And if you love your work, you never work a day in your life. just enjoy and have fun while doing art. Even though if you’re struggling as an artist. The struggle is given, it is a part of your creative process and also part of your life, being a great artist. And the best thing to do is to be always productive and creative.

6. What motivates you to create?

  • I create for the people, for education, and to share in society a noble example to the people/community. I want to leave good memories for society while I'm still alive. And when the time has come in the event of my passing, I will be immortal in your heart and mind.

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