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Daniel Todd The Wyttrash Connection (Rising Artist)

Had an opportunity to interview a very unique mind recently. Give it up for Daniel Todd The Wyttrash Connection. This man has got something new and without further ado check out the Q&A below.

When did you first start making music? What or who inspired you?

  • The very first song I ever wrote was a parody song inspired by Weird Al.

  • I was in the fourth grade and he had just come on the radio with his parody song titled Amish Paradise. It was a parody of Gangsta's Paradise by Coolio. My song was called Doughboy’s Paradise because I was a chubby kid and had earned the nickname Doughboy. Flash forward 20 years and I would join a cover band. At that time I began to learn how to create or buy beats online and write my own songs, take them to a studio for recording, and upload them to streaming services.

  • That was when I began to think a career in music was actually possible for me. Today it is my wife and two kids who inspire me. Without them, I would have nothing to sing for.

If you had to end every post, story, or concert with the same phrase, what would you say?

  • God is a creator. He created us in his image. We are meant to be creators. Create your dreams.

What do you enjoy the most about making music?

  • The way music can influence our emotions. To connect with them in a way that nothing else can. Music is all about emotion. A good song should always have emotions in it. The listeners should be able to feel how the musician feels.

Is music something that helps you, if so then how?

  • It's cathartic. It can change the way I feel in an instant. Music has helped me through some of the worst times of my life. It has also accompanied me in the best. There is never a time when music doesn't affect how I feel. I love it.

What does music mean to you?

  • Freedom and creativity. Connection. Music is an expression of the soul. It's energy. And since it's energy it can affect everything in the universe.

If you didn’t make music, what would you be doing now?

  • Network Marketing. Mostly on Webtalk. Network marketing is also about connections. You meet so many great people. And they usually all understand the power of giving, so they want to be extra helpful in any way they can. I urge all my followers, listeners, and fans to follow me on Webtalk. By joining and completing your profile you will be instantly monetized. That means you get paid for your content from day one.

How do you feel about the music industry of today's times?

  • I feel like it's easier for artists to get their music out there. I love how they can keep 100% of their earnings. But most artists don't understand network marketing and don't like being salespeople. I feel like if they did learn that marketing is key. It would help them tremendously.

What would you change about it?

  • Less autotune. Train your real voice and let's hear that. Harmonize your vocals. Don't autotune them.

What would you like to achieve through your music?

  • Freedom. I want to have the freedom to create and live the life I have always dreamed of. I want to connect with people through the sound of music and let them feel my soul.

In your own words how would you describe your music and who do you think would enjoy what you make the most

  • My music is mostly fun. I love to have a good time and want everyone else to as well. So many of my songs are about living life to its fullest. Enjoying the little things.

  • I make music for the hard-working middle class. Anyone who busts their ass all day for a job they hate so they can take care of a family they love. I make music for those people.

If you could leave your audience with anything, what would you want them to take from your work?

  • Simple. Life is short. Live it. Love it. And laugh a lot. Keep a song in your heart that can always help you through a hard day.

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