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Diana Rodriguez - Iris

Hello to all the lovers of horror films out there! We have sought your attention in order to quench your thirst of horror love by discussing various aspects of an all-time hit horror production ‘Iris’. Through this piece of writing, we will dig deeper into ‘Iris’ and Diana Rodriguez, the director of this masterpiece.

Let us start by an overview of the movie. Be assured, we understand your reservations. This piece of writing will be free of spoilers.

About ‘Iris’

  • ‘Iris’ is a one hour and 40 minute long erotic horror thriller. The story revolves around Iris, an apparently average woman who may appear like any other single lady one might find in the Brooklyn New York area. But, she has lived a life of secrets; a dark secret that adversely impacts her own life and that of everyone else she comes in contact with. The movie unfolds a wide variety of cinematic excellence as well as the mastery of dialogues which leave the viewers spellbound. Due to a narrow margin of stating inside facts of the story in order to keep up with your suspense, we will only state, based on the reviews of the viewers that the movie is a real piece of artistic excellence.

  • Having learnt about this wonderful movie, it is also imperative to know in details about Diana Rodriguez, the face behind this wonderful production.

About Diana Rodriguez:

  • Diana Rodriguez is a multi-talented lady of artistic mind who clearly understands the subtleties of movie making from the beginning to the end. Her interest in the film world is not sudden or accidental. She had developed the exceptional interest in this field in her early youth. Therefore, she decided to study film making and ended up doing BFA in Film at CUNY City College of New York. Afterwards, she landed into the film industry and started doing wonders.

  • Her first wonder appeared in the form of ‘Iris’. Yes, ‘Iris’ is her first production but it appears that it is artistic work by a seasoned and experienced person. Actually, Diana Rodriguez got the required experience and developed her filmmaking skill by working a lot at the back end before producing ‘Iris’. Additionally, it is also important to mention that she has also co-written the script of ‘Iris’ with David Karges. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that Diana Rodriguez is true personification of an expert film producer.

Recognitions Won By Diana Rodriguez and ‘Iris’

  • The excellence of the ‘Iris’ and its director can amply be justified from the unmatched recognitions and nominations it has named against itself. So far, Iris’ has won three awards; all it was nominated for. This movie has also made its director the “Best First Time Filmmaker Horror Feature”. All these facts amply justify the fact that Iris’ is a worth-watching masterpiece

Good News for Viewers

  • Iris’ distributed by a renowned distribution house Porter + Craig Film and Media Distribution, is now available on Amazon Prime. It offers a wonderful opportunity to all the horror lovers to make their weekend memorable by sparing one hour and forty minutes to quench their thirst of horror movies. A story full of suspense and exotic thrill is just a click away from you.

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