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Gio Martini Next Up Hip-Hop Artist (Interview with KingWolf)

Updated: May 22, 2021

What can I say about Gio that hasn't been said a thousand times. This man puts in the work, values his craft, is an amazing father, and a true lyricist. Every single bar I've ever heard from him was brilliant. Quite frankly, he's a savage! To say his music is fire would be underselling the true quality of his work.

Check out his latest song AND 1 (Free Download)

and go listen to his track Grey Line as Well.

Read the interview below!

Interview Q & A

When did you first start making music? What or who inspired you?

  • When I was 14. My friends got me into rap music and kept trying to get me to freestyle. I did one day and realized how stress relieving it was, and I had a talent for it.

If you had to end every post, story, or concert with the same phrase, what would you say?

  • They said I would be behind bars, instead, I’m the one with the keys. What do you enjoy the most about making music? Wordplay. I make music for people who like double meanings and storytelling.

Is music something that helps you, if so then how?

  • Yes, I have always struggled with severe depression and anger problems. This is my outlet!

What does music mean to you?

  • Music keeps me alive. As a kid, I had headphones on 24-7. I still do that now. If we are in the car, no talking, just music.

If you didn’t make music, what would you be doing now?

  • I’m a Corrections Officer. I love this job as much as I like making music. So either way, I’m happy.

How do you feel about the music industry of today's times? What would you change about it?

  • I feel like 75% of the industry is all about faking. Everyone’s a killer, drug dealer, pimp, and slidin on the ops. I respect real people who talk about what they have actually done or grew up in. Honestly, the only change would be adding me to it all. Let me in and see what I can do!

What would you like to achieve through your music?

  • to create a new movement of music. I rap about being a CO, I want country, rock, metal, etc to start being made about it too.

In your own words how would you describe your music and who do you think would enjoy what you make the most?
  • My music is all passion. Whether it’s angry, sad, or energetic. I want people to feel me. I’m not a club music person. I’m the get fuckin hyped and bang my shit in your car at a stoplight, or while you are working out the type of rapper.

If you could leave your audience with anything, what would you want them to take from your work?

  • It’s all real. Verified. Nothing about it is fake.

Social Media Links:

Website - Gio Martini

Instagram - @iamgiomartini

Twitter - @GioMartini4

“They told me that the game is locked, so I’m breakin in like home invasions.“

-Gio Martini-

(Lyrics Still Matter)


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