Gio Martini Next Up Hip-Hop Artist (Interview with KingWolf)

Updated: May 22

What can I say about Gio that hasn't been said a thousand times. This man puts in the work, values his craft, is an amazing father, and a true lyricist. Every single bar I've ever heard from him was brilliant. Quite frankly, he's a savage! To say his music is fire would be underselling the true quality of his work.

Check out his latest song AND 1 (Free Download)

and go listen to his track Grey Line as Well.

Read the interview below!

Interview Q & A

When did you first start making music? What or who inspired you?

  • When I was 14. My friends got me into rap music and kept trying to get me to freestyle. I did one day and realized how stress relieving it was, and I had a talent for it.