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Have you thought about cheating?

Updated: May 29, 2021

Most people cheat! I think it's only right to state this fact from the get go. If you think someone is cheating they most likely are. But have you ever thought about what cheating does to someone in the long run, whether your right or not? You probably haven't and by the end of this article i hope you truly take to heart what your about to read. This won't be easy for me to write as i'm sure it won't be easy for you to absorb.

You see, whether your right or wrong makes no difference. What they did doesn't make it ok for you to do it. Let me explain. I hope you will follow along and if you like this article please share with someone who needs to read this too. Cheating is never the answer!

When you commit to the act of cheating you're saying the other person has no value and that they aren't good enough for you to respect. This causes long term damage mentally and can stay with someone for life. Meaning, they may never believe in relationships again and would rather be alone, secluded, and away from everyone. A cheater will destroy the trust of those they cheated on and that is something you can never take back.

You're not just having sex or a good time, you're destroying another person's ability to trust anyone ever again. Do you think this wont snowball into all future relationships? Now i understand that some people cheat to get back at others but here's a thought to consider. Cheating is all that they know, and because of this it's all they expect from you. It's all they expect from anyone really.

What if, and follow me here, you didn't cheat? How would this affect that mindset? When all they know is disloyalty they don't believe anyone out there is loyal, hence the way they treat relationships. But if you didn't cheat and rather broke up with them having committed no acts of disrespect or unfaithfulness how would they view this? To change a persons mind you must show them what it is they are doing wrong.

By not cheating you leave someone with a sense of regret and urge to do better next time. But through cheating you give them exactly what they expect and reinforce the idea that nobody is loyal. You see how this little action right here makes all the difference? If you want to get back at a cheater then cheating isn't how you do it and it's not even about getting back but moving on in a healthy fashion. Don't you want the next one to work out better?

For me personally, i don't trust anyone anymore, and i don't believe in relationships. This is what cheating has done to me. Like so many other men out there, cheating has crushed my ability to put faith in another person. When i see people talking about trust and loyalty i often question the realism behind their words. For aren't they just masking the actions of oneself?

In a relationship communication is everything and breaking up with someone is so much more respectful than destroying their ability to love another human being. After awhile people stop loving anyone cause being let down just hurts too much. We close our-self off to the world and never heal because the cycle only ever continues until someone makes the choice to break it. We're caught in a cycle that keeps looping on repeat. It's time to break this vicious cycle.

Remember, that your actions are yours alone and how you deal with this situation will affect both of you forever. Make the choice to be better and walk away. Be respectful so that both of you can move on without any of these long term effects. Always keep in mind that cheating doesn't do either of you any good and nothing good will come from it.

Please don't cheat on others, and if your being cheated on get back at them by showing them what they lost. People take notice of this even if you can't see the effects there their.

Break up with people, never cheat on them got it? The only way to break the cycle is to lead by example and it has to start somewhere. Make the choice to be more!

Thank you for reading, i hope this is something you will share. We live in a world where disloyalty is encouraged and i wish it was really thought about. These actions really do have long term effects, so don't do this to people. It's never ok to hurt people like this.


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