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IGTV, Are you missing out?

(Beyond the music blog and out of Spotify hands.)

Something that is often overlooked is the difference between using Instagram, Reels, and IGTV. In this short piece, I'll explain the very powerful function left to you on Instagram that you may not be utilizing. IGTV allows you to leave clickable links in the description. All you need is a video to upload. Have you tried talking with your audience yet?

Something to keep in mind is that each piece of IG is different. This means you have to be consistent to achieve maximum reach using all platforms on Instagram. This is actually really important because you can get a lot of reach using Instagram but see it plummet when you try to use IGTV. Generally speaking, this is for people who haven't built an audience yet and are just starting out.

Some may ask...

(How do I use IGTV)

Well to use it effectively here are a few ideas to help you get started today.

  1. You can create a live stream schedule and post the live streams as IGTV videos. This will allow you to have new content every week or month with a brand new video for people to tune in with. Plus this is an easy method of creating IGTV videos. No video editing experience is needed. Ask questions, do segments, or just talk about stuff that irritates you, I mean you can just jam out to your music as well.

  2. Create a loop using a gif and just extend it over a minute long. If you need video editing software most free apps will get the job done for this.

  3. if you have an iPhone or standard screen record function on your phone or pc you can record youtube videos that fit your content and post them as IGTV videos as well. This will allow you to take advantage of popular content to promote your own page. Share stuff you like and engage with your audience via debate or just funny videos for you to enjoy together.

Always include a link and if possible, even for viral content you'll want to make it relate to your material as much as you can. Use hashtags in the comments to make your post look cleaner, create content based on trending ideas, and use whatever skills you possess to showcase the reason why people should be tuning into your brand.

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