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LC Holt

KingWolf catches up with Actor L.C. Holt to talk about his latest film, PARTY BUS, his passion for acting, and what’s next for him career-wise.

1. What attracted you to be a part of the horror film PARTY BUS?

  • The script, which was co-written by Carlos Berber, who also directed the film, was mighty good. I was very much taken by the characters— how different they all were, their motivations, and of course the motives of the character I play. You never quite knew where it was going next, which in horror films is always a plus.

2. Did you have to audition for the role, if so what was the audition process like?

  • I didn’t audition. Carlos Berber, the director, reached out to me. I was quite happy we were able to make it work. I’d work with Carlos any day.

3. Tell us a little bit about your character Sean?

  • I call Sean a thinking-man’s slasher. He’s very smart and articulate, which makes him an even more formidable villain. He’s got it all figured out. Always one step ahead of his targets. It’s definitely a game he’s playing in PARTY BUS, like chess with every new move leading to another. The outcome I think will be more than a little surprising to the audience.

4. What did you like about your character and what don't you like about your character

  • Sean is as determined as he is sadistic. The determination part is admirable, but the sadism is a bit much. It’s safe to say he’s one sadistic son of a bitch!!

5. How was it working with Director Carlos Berber and the rest of the cast?

  • Carlos knows what he wants and does it his way, which I find to be an advantage, especially on films of this budget level. A director has to have a vision and know how to achieve it, and that was the case on PARTY BUS. As for the cast, they were all fun to play off of. All an actor needs or ever wants is a good scene partner. KING L.C. Holt

6. What was you favorite scene to shoot?

  • Any scene on the bus itself was enjoyable. When you’re in so confined a setting, it makes acting through some of the grislier scenes easier. You didn’t have to imagine blood all over everything— it really was. The whole shoot was very intimate that way. Very real.

7. What are your favorite genre films to watch?

  • I always say THE EXORCIST, BURNT OFFERINGS, and DAWN OF THE DEAD. Those are three of the films I go back to most often. But I’m a big fan of the original BLACK CHRISTMAS. A great group of characters in that flick performed by terrific actors. That one came right before the ‘80s splatter craze, back when the writing and characterizations were more important than the blood and guts.

8. What is the best piece of advice that you have ever received in your career?

  • Keep going! No matter what. Something I believe in wholeheartedly. If anyone has ever done anything, that means it’s possible. You could do it too.

9. If you were not an actor, what would you see yourself doing?

  • I’d probably be an anthropologist. Acting is a form of that in a roundabout kind of way.

10. What would you consider your "dream role"? Like a specific kind of character you've always wanted to play, but haven't found the opportunity yet.

  • Who would that character be? The one character I was born to play is Orlock in NOSFERATU, but with Eggers making a new version of that film, I’d say the likelihood of that happening is slim. If we were talking about a hypothetical world in which any dream is possible, I would’ve loved to have played Damien Karras in THE EXORCIST. But I don’t want to do a remake of that. I would want it to be that film with that cast and that director. Some things you can’t recreate. They’re a product of the time they were made and the people who were involved.

11. Is there an actor that inspires you? If so, who and why?

  • Growing up, I greatly admired Anthony Perkins. He was so specific in his delivery, his style. You can’t imitate someone like that without it being obvious. That’s a great compliment, I think, for any artist— when you’re so specific in your style that any form of imitation is a clear rip-off.

12. What is next for you? Do you have any upcoming projects you would like to share?

  • I have a number of films on the horizon as an actor. BUTCHERS BLUFF with Billy Instone, GO AWAY with Dave Kerr, MACABRE MOUNTAIN with Tony Walters, THE HOUSE AMONG THE TREES with Tyler Horner, LATE CHECKOUT with Josh Graves, PHANTOM FUN-WORLD with Tory Jones, in which I portray the title character, and more!! Don’t forget about the film I wrote and directed, WATCHDOG. We’re in postproduction on that, so it’s right around the corner.

Indie film supporters, check out L.C. Holt's latest horror film PARTY BUS, distributed by Midnight Releasing. AUSTIN’s friends have gone above and beyond to make his Bachelor party one to remember. Unaware, he and his friends board the PARTY BUS with his ex-girlfriend and some shady people from his past for the ride of their lives.

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