Pop Singer Abi Mia does it again!

Recently had an opportunity to once again sit down with the talented pop singer Abi Mia. What a hard worker! With real vocals and a true passion, she releases a brand new beautiful track called "Good Intentions"

Hope you enjoy the interview. Make sure to go check her out through the links at the bottom.

Q & A Below

1. What are you working on right now?

  • At the moment I am focusing on perfecting my gig setlists for live performances. I have been focusing a lot on my single releases (and shall continue doing so) but now that things are opening up for live music I am putting my time more toward live shows! Being a performer is a huge part of being a musician for me, connecting face to face with an audience and feeding off their energy so I want to be as good as I can be!

2. What inspired your latest track?

  • I am always inspired by my own experiences or things I see others go through and my latest track 'Good Intentions' was inspired by a situation I was in when I realized I didn't need to have a certain person in my life anymore as it was clear it wasn't a real, balanced friendship. I was inspired by my realization that I have the power to walk away and surroun