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Pop Singer Abi Mia does it again!

Recently had an opportunity to once again sit down with the talented pop singer Abi Mia. What a hard worker! With real vocals and a true passion, she releases a brand new beautiful track called "Good Intentions"

Hope you enjoy the interview. Make sure to go check her out through the links at the bottom.

Q & A Below

1. What are you working on right now?

  • At the moment I am focusing on perfecting my gig setlists for live performances. I have been focusing a lot on my single releases (and shall continue doing so) but now that things are opening up for live music I am putting my time more toward live shows! Being a performer is a huge part of being a musician for me, connecting face to face with an audience and feeding off their energy so I want to be as good as I can be!

2. What inspired your latest track?

  • I am always inspired by my own experiences or things I see others go through and my latest track 'Good Intentions' was inspired by a situation I was in when I realized I didn't need to have a certain person in my life anymore as it was clear it wasn't a real, balanced friendship. I was inspired by my realization that I have the power to walk away and surround myself with people that really care and respect me and my time!

3. What are some of your favorite lyrics written to date?

  • Great question! So many to choose from but I will choose some lines that particularly resonate with me! The line 'Your wings are there for a reason, begin to do what you're meant to' (Fly Your Way', 'We all come from a different place and live our lives in different ways, let's learn and share and rise together, as each day comes let's make things better..' (Enough is Enough), 'I'm just checking in, yeah I know you are fine but in case here's a smile...' (Checking In), 'Don't you dare put me down, just because you think that you should wear the crown' (Make Myself Tall), 'There's only so long I can cling to the past, make excuses cause you made me laugh...' (Good Intentions). These are from my released singles so far, lines that really stand out to me and really are very meaningful!

4. What meaning do these lyrics have for you?

  • I know I gave a few different examples but overall all of these lyrics are meaningful to me in connecting with my fans through relatable topics which overall aim to uplift and empower the listener that they have control of where their life goes and should keep doing what makes them happy and to stay true to themselves. As most of my lyrics come from my own experiences or things I have seen others go through they mean that much more to me in the sense that they are relatable and authentic.

5. What is some advice you'd leave for those trying to follow their dreams?

  • I would say first you have to have faith and belief in your own skills and strengths. If you don't back yourself why should others? Of course, we all have room to improve and build on new skills but ultimately for others to invest in us and help us reach our dreams we need to know who we are, be confident in what we can do, and then share what we have. I would also advise setting short-term small goals toward those bigger dreams. These things take consistency over time and investment to happen so don't expect your dreams to come true overnight! Have realistic aims and build a strong base for you to then move up from. Don't skip steps, learn your craft and be willing to put the time into the boring tasks as well as the fun ones! Realize it won't be easy, you can't please everyone but the main thing is to keep going if you still find joy in it! Slow and steady wins the race!

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