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Updated: May 29, 2021

"Take a look in my eyes and all you'll see is reflections"⠀

I think in life we often mirror ourselves in those we come across. We see what we want to and rarely accept what is actually there. To be more, one must first learn to endure but to endure means to truly suffer through that of oneself. If i told you i wanted to help would you even believe me? I bet all you'd see is what life taught you through experience. ⠀

"Therefore my words mean nothing but my actions are that which you can't deny."⠀


I guess you could say i dreamt of a world that surpasses understanding but in dreaming i lost my ability to truly live. I saw a world where anything was possible. Where all life came together as one, a world in which nothing was out of reach. No words were spoken but the message was simple. We are but limited by self and self alone.⠀

Think of all that which you could accomplish if fear wasn't even a factor. If what others thought never mattered. I mean have you truly taken a look at the world around you? We live in a world where all has come to pass and ideas manifest everyday. What if there was even more though?

What if you've been so focused on what humans perceive as reality that you've limited yourself through doubt?

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