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Sophia Dias

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

KingWolf catches up with author Sophia Dias to talk about her latest autobiography "Blindée Preuve" aka BULLET PROOF and what’s next for her career-wise.

Bullet Proof is based on the real-life events of Sophia Dias's life. This is her story as she lived in various parts of the world and the people who set out to destroy every part of who she was and break her down in the most horrific ways. This is a story of her survival of the fittest. This is how she overcame them with the help of her allies from all across the world.

1. What motivated you to write your story in the first place?

  • I was motivated to write my story as it is relatable to both men and women of our times. The "fact" that my former spouse DELIBERATELY and STRATEGICALLY abandoned me in a foreign country without any resources. Shows a pure demonic and narcissistic human being. This is also “ BRUTAL “ abuse of power from a former partner upon another. It took a 10 years strategic planning by my tormentors to annihilate me. I write this in detail in my book.

2. What makes your story relatable?

  • I wanted to educate others the trauma and suffering I endured. I rose above it with inner strength, God's blessings and help from people across the globe. I incorporated discipline and a clean , healthy regimental lifestyle on a daily basis.

3. Why Bullet Proof as the title?

  • BULLET PROOF is the title, as I felt I was attacked by bullets at every angle. and I survived a horrific attack from my attacker in the sanctuary of my home.

4. If there is one message you want to resonate with readers, what is it?

  • I believe people should read my book, as it shows several characters, who's only resolve was to: oppress me, to isolate me from society and to cause me in~imaginable suffering on a day to day bases. My "tormentors" took great pleasure in making me suffer. Look for signs in others, help others, stand up for any forms of abuse.

5. How has telling your story helped you personally?

  • Telling my story was "liberating". The past NO LONGER DEFINES ME. I have moved on to a happier, peaceful place in my life with my 4 pet family. I took an incredible amount of courage and discipline to rise and create a new life for me.


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