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KingWolf Exclusive: Tanya Sam dishes on Her Groundbreaking Docu-Series "Making of a Mogul USA"

KingWolf catches up with TV personality Tanya Sam to talk about her new Docu~Series MAKING OF A MOGUL USA. Broadcast to millions of homes across Africa, Canada and Europe, for the first time ever, in the United States. A TV show dedicated to telling the stories of entrepreneurs and their ups, downs, the risks and rewards.

1. Tell us about your most recent project Making of a Mogul, what is the premise of the Docu~ Series and what do you hope that the audience learns?

  • The Making of a Mogul docu-reality series tells the genuine stories of resilience of many highly acclaimed and successful business moguls and as well as moguls- in-the-making on their way to future success. It puts a special emphasis on the trials, challenges, accomplishments, failures and ultimately their innate desire to succeed. My hope is that this show will inspire future generations of entrepreneurs of all ages to chase their passion and dreams to create widely successful businesses that deeply impact our community. Oftentimes, we only see programs with a quick 5 mins of success, that plays on the outdated platitude of the overnight sensation but true entrepreneurs work tirelessly on average for 7-10 years. My intent is to share the highs, lows, tangible tips and messages to encourage and highlight the range of business that these moguls have built.

2. What are some of the perks of having your own production while creating Making of a Mogul?

  • Being able to have input into the Moguls selected and featured! This show is designed to highlight successful entrepreneurs across diverse industries and businesses. We want to create a culture of ROCK-STARS in business for our communities to look up, see the possibilities to strive for. Sometimes it's in business that may not be sexy, like construction but that can afford a fabulous lifestyle after you put in that work!

3. You interviewed a great group of entrepreneurs, how was it working with them?

  • It was absolutely amazing. Truly inspiring to be able to let into the lives of these Moguls and get a deeper dive into how they accomplished what others may have deemed impossible. I appreciated their candor and willingness to share not just their highs but more importantly the lows. The struggles. The people that stood behind them and lifted them up along the way. The nitty gritty of the tools they used to help them succeed and to be able to share that with people is a gift!

4. How can your fans get updates about you and your projects? Your website or social media links?

5. What are some of the things you enjoy doing when you are not filming the show?

  • When not filming MOM, I spend my time recording another entrepreneurship podcast Money Moves that focuses on financial literacy. I enjoy reading and hosting book-club chats. I love horseback riding, running, active workouts all things outdoors.

6. What is next for Tanya, do you have any projects in development?

  • I hope to shoot more seasons of Making of a Mogul so we can take this across the country and feature more Moguls. I want to find more incredible & unique entrepreneurial stories to highlight.

Making of a Mogul USA is distributed by Porter + Craig Film and Media Distribution and now available to stream on Amazon Prime USA and UK.


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