Mandala. An American Rapper From Illinois

Have you heard of Mandala? I met this rapper years back and he's always been a straight up dude. Believe it or not this man has some sick battle rap lyrics and his presentation is that of an absolute show stopper! If you haven't checked out Mandala i thinks it's time to do so. With the release of his album The American Pope I think it's fair to say he ain't stopping till he reaches the top!

When did you first start making music? What or who inspired you?

  • I first began making music seriously after college, 2018. Before then, I loved writing rhymes and verses that I would share with my friends. I was inspired by rap artists like Eminem and Nas and also a lot of battle rappers.

If you had to end every post, story, or concert with the same phrase, what would you say?

  • I'm broken.

What do you enjoy the most about making music?

  • I love being brutally honest in my music and showing people how I feel. It's relieving. I love letting people see the real me.

Is music something that helps you, if so than how?