The risk of Covid 19 Vaccines! (A wix blog fact list)

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Everything we currently know of the covid 19 vaccine. Things you need to know! Backed with the evidence you can check!

Every day you are fed a false narrative that allows you to live in a state of constant fear. If you look closer though you'll see it doesn't take a genius to discern fact from fiction. It just takes common sense with facts you can back.

Fact #1 - Vaccinated can get covid and spread it

This is not new information and everyone knows this. Admitted by CDC and Fauci himself.

Fact #2 - Our Government Owns The Vaccine

Check this link here to look at the patents for the mRNA covid 19 vaccination.

Check the Moderna Site to look at who patented this vaccine technology.

This means the U.S Government is profiting from the selling of this vaccine. That is not only immoral but a serious cause of concern. Like they say, "follow the money"!

"Trust The Science" – Joe Biden (47th President)

Freedom of information act ⬇️

Vaers reporting system ⬇️

Civil Rights Protection cards ⬇️

Fact #3 - They say this is about our health!

Name 1 time that our government has ever done a single thing for the betterment of us? Think of all the times they straight up lied and covered stuff up. With so many deaths per year, you'd think that things such as cigarettes, processedd food, fast food, and the likes would be banned as they are a primary cause of cancer and compromised immune systems. Hell, let's talk of America's obesity rate. Standing at 36% as of the last update of 2021 using

Did you know obesity is a disease with serious effects on the body that lead to a compromised immune system and multiple deadly health conditions which may lead to death? It can cause all manners of cancer and lead directly to early death feel free to check the CDC if you don't believe me

Furthermore I'd love for your too read up on how it effects your immune system here

You are compromised! Click the link to the left to view an article by this includes data from CDC itself.

Do you want me to trust the science? Make it make sense! Why do kids need the vaccine if their survival rates are damn near 100%

Fact #4 - Let's talk about this

Covid has less than a 2% chance of killing you with children and healthy adults having the lowest percentage of risk out of everyone. Obesity can increase the mortality rate as it compromises your immune system, this includes unhealthy adults who are skinny but have horrible diets, Processed foods and fast foods alike have been directly linked to compromised immune systems and even cancer check here for information on processed food and here for info on fast food so you can see for yourself how much your government cares about your health.

Fact #5 - People will die

Often times we forget what the removal of basic rights has put governments in a position to do. We forget our history and repeat an endless cycle out of absolute fear. The number of people killed each year by the products released by and approved of by our health and safety commissions far surpasses any amount of death that could ever be caused by this "pandemic" On the subject of a pandemic are you hearing ambulances all day? How about seeing people die in the street? How much death and sickness have you seen outside?

You see, a real pandemic isn't just talked about in private it's right in front of you. Right out in the open. You can't shut it out or look away. A real pandemic is felt as well as heard. How many of your family or friends have died from covid?

If you know someone who died, what was their age, and were they vaccinated or unvaccinated? I think these questions are very important and should be openly discussed without fear or government hindrance. More people die from government negligence and oversight than anyone really cares to talk about. By allowing them control over our bodily autonomy you are inviting tyranny and giving them the power to do far worse than any plague/pandemic ever could. At no time in history has the release of freedoms been an action that ended with positive results.

If you think giving up your rights will save you, then you're sadly mistaken and will figure that out the hard way. It always starts with something small until it's one freedom after the next disappearing and before you know it you're completely enslaved without any way of fighting back. More people will die from compliance and you need to stop living in fear.

Fact #6 - Where's the data?

Something I hear often is "trust the science"

That's funny cause anything the CDC and Biden administration has stated so far has been contradicted consistently. When data is contradicting itself that's a big problem. People trust articles that say research shows, or study's say, and without even questioning the "science" they take it as a fact.

Here's something for you to consider. No long-term data is available or short-term data and you need that to even call this proper science. That's because this product was rushed into production without any real clinical trials and nobody knows what the long-term effects are. Every other vaccine has gone through multiple phases before even reaching the point of passing through the FDA's approval system. The covid 19 vaccine was made in 6 months, they rushed production, enforced mandates to make you take them, silenced the media so you can't question it, and now want to hide data from you so nobody has the information they need to make an informed decision.


  1. You have no way of making an informed decision based on the data presented.

  2. The CDC wants to hide data from you, literally asking for 55 years to process the information you need today, about a vaccine they not only own rights to but are forcing down the publics' throat.

  3. They are using unlawful coercion of local businesses to enforce unjust mandates that completely violate our constitution.

  4. You can't openly discuss the virus or vaccine without being penalized in some way through social media or day-to-day life.

  5. Data from vaers suggest that the sheer amount of adverse reactions from the C19 vaccinations should make this voluntary and never mandatory. Making this mandatory is beyond immoral and what they have done is a crime against humanity as a whole. They have intentionally withheld information and tried to rake in billions off the genocide of the American populace.

  6. These mandates violate our 9th amendment (any powers not given to the government are granted to the people) and our 5th & 14th amendment (our privacy)

My Conclusion or rather thoughts on this subject

With a chance of dying from covid coming in at less than 2%, I don't feel the need to comply with an unjust mandate that violates multiple amendments( 9 & 14), the supremacy clause, my civil rights, and the Nuremberg code. I not only think the government is up to something but I refuse to let them remove my freedoms under the guise of health and safety when they have never given a crap about our health or safety! EVER! This is proven by their actions, what they have allowed, what they are doing, and how their actions directly affect our future should we choose to comply. A mandate is not a law and because of this, they are using business to do the dirty work for them.

Not a single bit of their data can be proven, they have none of the data you need for an informed decision, real science requires more than 6 months of data to be considered tested and proven, the mask they are selling you not only come from china but have the words "Non Medical" written on the boxes you buy them from, the vaccine is in part owned by our U.S Government and since the pandemic has started they have made billions from the production and sale of vaccines to the public.

Nothing about "free" was ever free and let's talk about all the "good" our president has done for us since coming into office. He's raised up gas prices, we're dealing with inflation, he's violated our constitution, plans to increase our taxes, failed at our securing our borders, and is now giving illegal immigrants 450 thousand dollars apiece when our own people are suffering. Our first responders are essentially gone, police have been defunded, crime rates have increased, our school system is in the drain, our military is compromised, our social medias are attacking information, and even after all the compliance things are only getting worse.

In no way, shape, or form has our government done a single thing to earn your trust, covid rates have never gone down, things are worse than ever before, and they seem to have no plans on quitting anytime soon nor is there solution "The Vaccine" even considered a viable option. Even after being vaccinated, you need another vaccine, booster shots, and even more booster shots to be called "fully vaccinated"

My questions are:

  • At what point are you even considered fully vaccinated?

  • Do they even know?

  • What data have they provided that says the vaccinated are safe?

  • What data can they provide that shows the unvaccinated are spreading it?

  • Why do they not discuss active immunity? (natural immunity is active immunity)

  • Why do they not discuss health and diets since this pandemic is largely in part due to this nation's unhealthy ways of life?

  • Why are they silencing discussion?

  • Why are they trying to hide data?

  • How can we truth them after everything they have lied about?

  • Why does big pharma get to sell drugs and or products with legal impunity?

  • Why is nobody being held liable while they remove freedoms under the guise of protection?

With so many questions and no answers in sight, it's very clear that this was never and will never be about health or safety. This is about compliance! Plain and simple. They allow every which way under the sun for you to get sick and expose you to daily threats but sit back and claim they are "protecting the public" from a virus that can't even be proven to exist with no data to back up anything they claim. Sure, people have died, but how can you really think that giving up your freedoms is the right way to handle this?

Do you really trust your government to take care of you? Have they ever done so? Are you truly willing to stake your kid's lives on this? You're essentially putting the lives of your friends, family, and all future bloodline descendants in the hands of our government to do with what they wish. The government works for us and you should be reminding them of that. Not submitting to unlawful unjustified mandates that absolutely make no sense with results to speak of to date. None of this is justified and the results speak for themself.

If mandates were working we wouldn't still have them being forced to give up more and more of our freedoms every day. Either they provide a real solution or shut up and let us be!

Below I am including information for you to gloss over and make sure to check out my friend's links at bottom of this Wix blog.

1. Freedom of information act ⬇️

2. Vaers reporting system ⬇️

3. Civil Rights Protection cards ⬇️

4. The Supremacy Clause

5. The Nuremberg Code

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