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Discover the impact KingWolf has left on his customers through their testimonials below. From Spotify to Wolf Hats and cool gifts for men KingWolf is taking over the music scene. 

Arturo Soria


Grazie ! I tuoi consigli sono preziosi per i musicisti indipendenti.


‘King’ is a grifter, playing on the insecurities and lack of intelligence of his followers. His tshirts are cheap knockoffs. But hey, if that’s your thing support this talentless fool.



I find kingwolf to be an uniformed fool. His inability to grasp facts is shocking. His anti-democracy stance is horrifying. Those that opt to side with this poser are desperate. God bless America, Satan only has control of fools like wolfie, the rest of us are in God’s army.

Pauline Wolf

Badasses Inc

I gave birth to a KING . I'm proud of u son .. u Will succeed because of ur undying strength .. I love you .



King Wolf is a amazing human being, he is worth supporting. He just a person trying to make it in the big world. He is making people awaken and helping others get their freedom back. God bless him.

Andrew privett


I have known king wolf for a minute probably 8 9 years before king wolf. He is a great guy been through alot. If anyone deserves recognition it's this guy. He has such drive and I hope he succeeds with his vision through music.

Sophia wolf

Sophia wolf illustration

He did a great job building me a website. I would definitely recommend his services.

The King of Wolves


So much to come. Stay tuned world!!!!!

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