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Discover the unique sound and style of KingWolf, the rising star of sad inspirational hip hop. With powerful lyrics, soulful beats, and an unwavering commitment to wolf animal conservation in Washington, KingWolf's music is more than just a sound - it's a movement.


KingWolf is an American hip hop artist, songwriter, and wolf animal conservation advocate. Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, KingWolf grew up surrounded by music and wildlife. His love for both inspired him to pursue a career in music that reflects his passion for social justice, environmentalism, and personal growth.



KingWolf's music combines elements of hip hop, rock, and country to create a library of sound that is both powerful and poignant. His lyrics tackle tough issues like being afraid of change, not learning from our mistakes, not believing in our own strength, and making excuses for our actions, while also celebrating the resilience and strength of the human spirit. KingWolf's single, "Numb," was released in 2022 and showcases his unique style and vision. 



In addition to his music career, KingWolf is a passionate advocate for wolf animal conservation in Washington. He donates a portion of his profits from every sale to local wolf animal conservation organizations, including the Wolf Haven International and the Pacific Wolf Coalition. KingWolf is committed to using his platform to raise awareness about the importance of protecting wolves and their natural habitats.


KingWolf has been featured in several publications, including Is My Music Fire, and Artenzza. He has also been interviewed on podcast show Bagels and Shade. KingWolf's music has been praised for its emotional depth, social relevance, and musical artistry.


For more information about KingWolf or to request an interview, please use the contact information provided:

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