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Beyond the Wix Blog

Did you know you can upload your music to your own website for sale as a digital product and integrate it with Facebook/Instagram?

Yes, this includes beats, Art, and all sorts of awesome products🐺

The swipe up feature is available for shop owners so if you open your shop on Instagram you'll be able to use a swipe up feature in your story to sell your songs, beats, and any digital niche. Why wait? Get started today at such a low cost to operate your own site it is an absolute waste to pass up your chance to sell more products.

This technique allows any account regardless of following to use a better conversion system. With your store integrated you can set up shop on Instagram store and this would allow you to sell your products directly. The benefits of this far outweigh the cost and the swipe-up feature by itself isn't enough to instantly get sales. You need every avenue of revenue at your disposal. So this applies to both large and small accounts.

In regards to promoting your product, ill get into more detail in another blog post coming up. But I strongly recommend a simple ad video and the use of google video ads over the use of the Instagram ad platform. I personally think that Wix is an easy go-to for any new would-be website owner. It's easy to use and integrates fast with most platforms. You can try Wix out for (free) to which comes with many usable templates.


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