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KingWolf Talks About Shelton Schools and Local Libraries Pushing Pornographic Material To Kids!

Shelton Libraries and Local schools are pushing highly sexual and racial material to your kids.
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In recent times, the focus of education and information institutions has been under the microscope especially with regards to the type of content available to the younger generation. A notable point of contention has been the presence of LGBTQ-themed books in school and public libraries. The problem being not that they are lgbt books but they are sexual in nature and being pushed a very young audience that has no need for books about sexual anything!

The Battle over Content Accessibility

A Case of Censorship or Protection?

The line between censorship and protection becomes blurred when discussing the availability of explicit content in educational institutions. Most Americans argue that explicit content, whether LGBTQ-themed or otherwise, is inappropriate for young readers and should be removed from the shelves. They believe that such content could potentially confuse and influence the youths negatively.

However, predators advocate for diversity, arguing that censoring these books equates to an attack on diversity, which is their way of trying to make you tolerant of them pushing pornography onto young minds that cant think for themselves yet. They want you to believe that removing these books from circulation sends a negative message to the students who identify with the narratives in these books but the truth is these children do not even understand what they are being told. These predators argue that if we start removing any content that offends certain individuals, soon, there will be no books left, but that has no relevance when we are talking about young children being exposed to books that talk about "anal sex and other pornographic content".

The Role of Parents and the Community

Parents, understandably, play a crucial role in this decision of what should and shouldn't be allowed for viewing in regards to young unequipped minds of children. They have the right to monitor what their children consume, but the question becomes: where do we draw the line between protection and censorship? The truth is sexual content is for adults. Not children!

The community's role in this issue is extremely significant. Libraries have always been seen as the heart of every community, offering not just books but a space for socialization, study, and learning. As such, the decision to ban certain books can create a divide within the community, however making sure children don't have access to this sexual content is absolutely necessary for the protection of our children against adult predators seeking to groom them.

The Political Angle

The controversy surrounding LGBTQ books in libraries is not just a social issue but has also been politicized. Politicians, particularly those with conservative leanings, have weighed in on the matter. Some argue that the presence of explicit content in school libraries is a violation of public trust and needs to be addressed.

However, predators argue that this is a veiled attempt to censor LGBTQ content. They claim that the majority of the books targeted for removal are those dealing with LGBTQ issues or race. This has led to accusations of discrimination and an attack on diversity. However we can all agree that young children neither care about race or sexual material so why is it so important for children to not only have access to it but be forced to learn it even when these teachings go against their families beliefs and moral values?

The Impact on Libraries and Education

The situation with LGBTQ-themed books has had a significant impact on libraries and the education sector. Libraries risk defunding and closure if they do not comply with the demands to remove certain books. This not only affects readers but also the community at large who rely on libraries for other services, such as internet access.

The truth is they shouldn't be forcing this material down our childrens throats and we pay for these libraries with our taxes. - KingWolf

In the education sector, the debate extends to the curriculum. Most Americans parents are pushing for changes in the curriculum to remove content they deem inappropriate. This has resulted in a national debate on what content should be included in school curriculums. Lets make it simple though, stop making everything about race and stop pushing sexual content onto children. Simple right?

The best way to get rid of racism is too stop talking about it! - Morgan Freeman

The Case of Shelton Timberland Library

In the epicenter is the Shelton Timberland Library in Washington State, where the library is pushing banned explicit LGBTQ-themed books to children as young as four years old. Every child has access to these books and they make no attempt to protect children from this confusing sexual material.

The most contentious part of this issue is the proposal by the library to allow children to restrict their parents from accessing their library accounts. This implies that children could potentially access explicit content without their parents' knowledge or consent, a situation many find objectionable. Rightfully so, as they are our children and not the states!

A Call to Action

The community of Shelton and other concerned individuals are called upon to take action against the inappropriate activities taking place in their local library. The push is not only for the removal of explicit content but also for holding those responsible accountable for what is considered child abuse.

You can do this by going to city counsel meetings information taken from website below:

" City Council meets for business meetings on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month at 6 p.m. On the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month, the Council hosts study sessions, also at 6 p.m. (Note: Study sessions are open to the public but do not have an opportunity for public comment.)

How to Watch Meetings You can attend a City Council meeting either in person at the Civic Center, virtually by joining that meeting's Zoom meeting, or by watching the meeting livestream on our YouTube channel. Meeting recordings are also posted on our website.

New Hybrid Meeting Model City Council hosted its first hybrid business meeting in May 2022. In the hybrid meeting format, Councilmembers and City staff generally meet in person at the Shelton Civic Center, located at 525 West Cota Street. Meetings can also be accessed remotely through Zoom.

Members of the public are welcome to attend meetings either in-person or remotely. Public comments will be accepted from both in-person and virtual participants.

To find specific meeting Zoom information, check our meeting calendar or the Council's Agendas & Packets page.

How to Provide Public Comment Note: Public comments are accepted at Council business meetings, generally held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month. Public comments are generally not accepted during study sessions, which are currently held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month.

All public comments are limited to 3 minutes.

Public comments can be submitted:

Before 5 p.m. on the day of a meeting,

  • Email Donna Nault, City Clerk, at

  • Call 360-432-5103

During a meeting,

  • In-Person: If attending a meeting in-person, please sign-in on the public comment sign-in sheet and keep an instruction card. If you'd like to comment on a specific business or action item, please list the item number when you sign in. You will be called by the City Clerk when it is your turn to comment.

  • Virtual: If attending a meeting virtually, please use the "Raise Hand" Zoom feature to notify the City Clerk that you'd like to comment. The City Clerk will prompt you when it is your turn to comment.

    • Virtual (By Phone): Zoom allows users to dial directly into a meeting by phone. If you'd like to make a public comment using this method, please press *6 to mute/unmute your phone's microphone, and *9 to raise/lower your hand.

Instructions for Public Comment During a Meeting

  • When called, approach the podium and state your name and if you are a resident of the City.

  • Speakers shall remain at the podium to make comments and not approach the Council or Staff without the express invitation of the Mayor.

  • Any related documents, printed comments, or materials the speaker would like distributed to the Council or Staff shall be delivered to the City Clerk in sufficient amounts (7 copies) at least 5 minutes prior to the start of the meeting.

  • Remarks must be kept to no more than 3 minutes.

  • The Council may direct the City Manager to follow up on any items that arise during public comment, as appropriate.

  • The Council will not allow complaints against an individual staff member or councilmember. Any person making personal, impertinent, or slanderous remarks who creates an unreasonable disruption while addressing the Council shall be directed to cease by the Mayor."

The National Landscape

The issue is not unique to Shelton Timberland Library or the state of Washington. Libraries across the U.S. are facing similar demands to ban books. The American Library Association recorded 729 challenges to library materials and services in 2021, leading to about 1,600 challenges or removals of individual books. This represents the highest number of attempted book bans in the past 20 years.

Its important to note that this is not censorship and it has always been illegal to promote sexual content to children. Parents have the right to decide what their kids should have access too. The very places we pay to provide education and good reading material are now going over parents heads to promote an entirely sexual and racist agenda!


The debate surrounding the presence of LGBTQ-themed books in libraries and schools is a simple one that is not hard to understand. It has nothing to do with hating a group of people or attacking them it has to do with the content they are pushing onto impressionable minds that don't have the ability to think critically yet. It brings attention to the struggle of parents who just want a normal decent education provided to their little ones without having them exposed to racist sexual propaganda.


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